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Temporary Driveway Systems8' x 14' x 4.25"
91 square feet of usable surface
12" overhanging lip on all sides
12 inch overlapping edges allow transfer of load
from one mat to another with no soil between mats


1050 pounds each


600 psi compressive strength


The weight on top of the DURA-BASE® is distributed through the 12 inch Overhanging lip on the outer edges of the DURA-BASE® System. This transfer of load from one mat to another allows for a smaller footprint on the environment and a stronger mat


Already approved for use in major commercial construction and have been used by Wolfson-Young, Brandt Construction, Burkhalter Rigging and URS Corporation as a few examples.

For more information please email Tom Ardizone or contact him at 317-769-5503.


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IDEM requirements for all temporary drives in Indiana are:

  • #2 washed stone over a stable foundation
  • #53 stone top dressing over entire temp drive
  • Geotextile fabric underliner
  • 6” minimum depth
  • 12’ minimum width
  • 50’ minimum length or to the foundation

Comparing a 33’ temp drive from curb to foundation…

Stone Temporary Driveways


Dura-Mat Temporary Driveways

33’ x 12’ Geotext @ $1.90/sq yd



4 mats installed


3 loads of #2 stone @ $150 load





Load of #53 stone @ $200 a load



Power Washing after slab/basement
is complete


2 hours equipment time @ $60/hr



Stone from last mat to foundation


Total to start job:



Removal after drywall is stocked


Additional Expenses


Fines from County


Load of #2 stone?



Fines from IDEM


Half load of #53?



Additional Expenses:


Equipment time?




Stop work order?

$500 min


Lost day of work?



Fine for violations?



Final Cost for stone temp drive??



Final Cost for Dura mat temp drive:



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